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Mexican Surrealist painter, Frida Kahlo, painted shocking images that reflected her tumultuous life and experiences. A survivor of polio as well as a nearly crippling bus accident she used her experiences to show the world a unique, unapologetic, artistic perspective.

Some of her best known works are her bold self-portraits which record events in her life and her emotional responses. Even her still life paintings reflect moments in her life. Throughout her life Kahlo created over 200 paintings, drawings and sketches that relate to her life experiences. She painted the biography of her life on canvas, expressing her suffering through her art.

A member of the Communist Party of Mexico, Frida and her husband Diego Rivera were both politically active. Some of her later artwork speaks to her political allegiances with the use of flags, inscriptions, and Communist themes.

Her art is typically classified as Surrealism though she considered it realistic. Though her work was virtually ignored during her lifetime, Frida has become an artistic and political sensation, one of the best known Mexican artists, and an icon for feminists. Here you can learn more about this interesting woman by reading her biography and then examining her paintings.